Welcome to our online store of monster pet supplies, in the fish pet shop, we have a large collection of fish and aquatic supplies. We have fish tanks, tropical fish tanks, freshwater fish tanks, fish aquarium tanks, marine aquariums and marine tanks, a few favourites are the; Fluval Edge 23L Aquarium in Pewter and the futuristic looking Fluval Edge Aquarium 46L in Black Gloss. We also stock goldfish bowls and goldfish tanks, such as, the charming looking;
Pedigree Glass Goldfish Bowl, Goblet 265mm 10 Litres. Let's not forget the cool fish pod, an easier way of looking after your fish. This new style aquarium called the fish pod, gives you everything you need to start a coldwater aquarium but it also suitable for tropical fish with an upgrade, the fish pod comes with an easy fliteration system and advanced night and day lighting options, one of favourite fish pods is the; Interpet Fish Pod 64, however if you are looking for something smaller we have lots more varieties such as the; Interpet Fish Pod Moon Glass Aquarium 19 Litre. We have loads of fish tank backgrounds and aquarium backgrounds to decorate and enhance the look of your aquarium. For fish tank gravel, a popular choice of fish tank gravel is; Pettex Roman Jet Black Gravel 8 kg, it also comes in sunstone colour; Pettex Roman Natural Sunstone Gravel 8 kg. In our pet supermarket we have all products to care for a fish tank, products such as a; fish tank heater, filter sponge, tank filter catridge and we have many types of aquarium filter such as; Fluval Filter, Canister Filter, External Filter, Power Filter, Undergravel Filter, Internal Filter and not forgetting the popular and efficient Tetratec Air Pump or the Rena Air Pump. If you looking for a fish feeder, the Hydor Ekomixo Automatic Fish Feeder is a great choice or if it is decoration you are after, we have; aquarium sand, aquatic plants, airstones and an assortment of aquarium rocks. We also have fish foods, pond food, koi food, food for feeding tropical fish and and all kinds of aquarium food, one of the favourites being the; Webbox Fish Food Floating Pellets Koi & Pond Fish 10kg. If you need fish medicine because you have a sick fish, we also have a large range of this. We have fish treatments for a number of fish diseases, where fish medicine is needed. We stock; Anti White Spot Fish Treatment and Anti Fungus and Finrot Fish Treatment. We also stock other important fish supplies such as; Tetra Aqua Safe Water Conditioner for Fish, API Freshwater Fish Master Test Kit, Nutrafin Cycle 250ml or a neat Floating Magnetic Algae Cleaner for Glass Aquarium Medium.

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